Electronic Surveillance

TelHouse provides a wide variety of electronic surveillance options including daytime, thermal and infrared IP camera systems. Our systems are tamper proof and include features such as motion tracking and real time automatic alert systems. Manage sites ranging from high volume urban transit hubs to rural border crossings with efficiency and ease. TelHouse’s installation, support and maintenance services will allow for a seamless transition between your current security provisions and a modernized network camera system.


TelHouse provides system design and planning from the ground up, tailoring each aspect of the project to fit our clients unique needs. Whether your system is required to protect a thousand square foot office or a thousand mile border, TelHouse will design and implement a system which can efficiently and cost effectively help you realize your security needs.

Civil Work

Whether you need to assess the suitability of extant site structures or build from the ground up, TelHouse has the capacity to complete any civil work required for our clients ranging from design and oversight to physical construction.


TelHouse can provide you with any and all equipment needed to launch and maintain your security network, or optimize an existing one. We provide cameras and supporting infrastructure for a wide array of applications ranging from Government to Corporate.


TelHouse has the experience in the environment of Iraq as well as the resources to guarantee the fastest and most trouble free installation of any network hardware and software available today. Our engineers are trained and certified in the installation, configuration and maintenance of CISCO, Huawei, Harris, MicroTek and various other companies.

Maintenance and Support

Whether you wish to have simple troubleshooting support or recurring maintenance and support on a large scale, TelHouse offers a variety of technical support options to suit your needs.


As a measure which provides easement of the financial burden of network deployment as well as one which can facilitate ease of rapid technical support and emergency maintenance, Co-location with existing TelHouse sites is currently available.