Under-car Bomb Detector

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Document : Under-car Bomb Detector (PDF)


General Description

With the growth in global terrorism we now live in increasingly dangerous times. Extremist bomb attacks are no longer confined to political and military targets, but are now aimed also at the economic, scientific and commercial community.

Attacks against pharmaceutical research sites by animal rights activists and the targeting of financial institutions are tangible proof of this new reality. As an aid in this battle against terrorism the TelHouse bomb-detector was developed as a highly effective, under car, booby trap detection system. The TelHouse bomb detector is designed to give the user a warning if a magnetically attached explosive device is concealed under the vehicle.

When installed, the TelHouse bomb-detection system protects by means of eight sensors concealed throughout the vehicle to give complete coverage. Using state of the art microprocessor techniques, the TelHouse bomb-detection system carries out advanced noise cancellation and ambient magnet threshold measurements, ensuring the system is effective in the most hostile environments. A discreet light on the TelHouse bomb-detection system warns that the vehicle has been subject to attack. Vitally an alarm can also be sent via an SMS text message from the TelHouse bomb-detection system to up to five mobile phones, providing the user with the added security of remote alarm warnings.

Recently upgraded, the TelHouse bomb-detector system is in use with police, security and government departments worldwide. From more information on the TelHouse bomb-detection system please contact us or download the TelHouse bomb-detection system data-sheet using the ‘Documents’ tab above.


  • TelHouse is a proven and extremely reliable bomb-detection system
  • TelHouse is effective in hostile environments
  • Discreet installation
  • TelHouse messages are clear and distinct
  • TelHouse is easily transferable
  • Optional SMS alarm messaging system available with the TelHouse bomb-detector system